It is February 3, 2006 and this page is two days delayed. I had meant to start this new blog last February 1 but things got in the way. The days got busy.

Now, you know why this blog is called “Busy Streets.” It will be about the roles that fill up my days and the journeys that I take to carry out those roles. What kind of articles can you expect from Busy Streets?

Credit Rating: this has been my profession for the last 13 years (and still counting) and if writing about it, from time to time can get more people to understand it, use it, and demand that more companies go for it to be able to access whatever it is that they may need from the market then that would be great.

Teaching Our Kids Tips: As a parent, I am a tutor. Kids today have more homework than we ever had before. How do we help them cope? Are there certain things that we can do to teach them certain topics better? I had 4 years of teaching experience at U.P. Diliman. I continue to teach my kids today. I will share some lessons and insights that I have gained from teaching my 9-year old and my 4-year old and from teaching myself as a student and as an assistant professor then.

Writing: This is just something that I really enjoy doing. The hobby started in college and it has stuck. College was more than 18 years ago and I’m still here writing. There will be articles on choosing topics to write about, how to develop the discipline of writing regularly — just to encourage more people to just pick up that pen or start typing on that keyboard and just write.

Jobs and Careers: How do you choose a career? How do you prepare for an interview? Every job we start and end gives us new insights which other individuals can learn from.

Customer Service: When I was younger, I liked this Nancy comic strip where Nancy and Sluggo were talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Nancy said that she wanted to be a critic. Sluggo asked: “What kind of critic? Food critic? Movie critic? Art critic?” and Nancy answered by asking: “You mean I have to specialize?” Day in, day out, we encounter different situations where we are not happy with the service that has been given us. I will write about such situations but will also give my thoughts on how the customer might have been served better. As one company stated, “We welcome customer complaints. A customer who complains is a valuable customer. Some customers may not even bother to complain and then, they just don’t come back.”

From My Inbox: From time to time, we all receive e-mail that warms our heart, inspires us, makes us laugh. I shall share such e-mail with you here. We all play different roles in our lives, and it is always great to have a friend, to be a friend, and to be remembered — even if it is just to receive forwarded mail.

So, just six categories. For the other possible topics I may write about outside of these roles, you can always check out: http://www.viloria.com

You know why this is called Busy Streets. As for the design, with the green grass growing right on top of the page, I recall a situation where an individual who was being ribbed about thinning hair shot back with this statement: “Grass does not grow on busy streets.” True, you will never find grass on a busy street except here. We will highlight new things, new learnings and insights which can help all of us grow. Even as we trudge on daily down our own busy streets.