Are You in a Hurry?

One day, I had a lot of chores to do. As I went from one place to another to accomplish what I set out to do, I heard a common question from the people who were providing me with service that I needed: “Nagmamadali ba kayo?” Or in English — “Are you in a hurry?”

I found the question strange. First of all, does it matter whether I am in a hurry or not? Isn’t it the duty of the one providing any service to get back to the customer and give the customer what he or she likes in the soonest possible time? If I weren’t in a hurry, does that give the server the excuse to move more slowly or to take his or her time? I think not. So, what is the relevance of the question in the first place? Did the store staff just want to engage in small talk?

Bottom-line, time is an important resource. It is in fact, the most important resource of all. Other resources may be earned or built again. Or you may find more places to get a specific resource from. But time lost or spent is gone forever and can never be regained. (Not unless my son is able to actually build a time machine.)

So, how do you improve customer service? Give a customer what he or she wants in the soonest possible time. And it doesn’t really matter if he or she is in a hurry or not.

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