Central Books: Publish on Demand Service

Are you a writer? Do you like to write and get your work published? In the olden times, someone who was fond of writing had to wait for a reputable publisher to accept his or her work before he or she could finally come out with a book.

That is no longer the case these days. Anybody can avail of a publish on demand service and come out with his or her own book. Self-publishing is also not looked down anymore as much as before, with the advent of blogs and personal websites.

Here in the Philippines, writers can get in touch with Central Books. Just provide them with your content and they can print 50 to 5,000 copies at affordable, competitive rates. They say it also takes them only 3 weeks to print your manuscript.

Central Books is located at 927 Phoenix Bldg., Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. You may look for Ces or Tony. You may call them at 374-4064 or 372-3550 local 14. You can visit their website at www.central.com.ph

From what I understand, Central Books will even help you market your books. In fact, at the Philippine book fairs, I usually see their stall with all the titles that they have published. You may consider having a book printed for self-expression, to preserve the memory of a loved one, or to share knowledge like your favorite family recipes.

So, what are you waiting for? You can be a published writer now with Central Books. Good luck!

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