Inspiring and Entertaining Text Messages

Here are more text messages received from friends in the past few weeks. They are either entertaining or inspiring. Reflect and/or enjoy:

1. “God’s promises are like stars, the darker the night, the brighter they shine. Happiness is not what you get from life. It is what you give to others! Blesedpm!” — In the midst of your circumstances, trust in the Lord. Serve others in every way possible.

2. “Carrying a lantern into a forest at night doesn’t guarantee you’ll see all the trees…It only means that you can see a few steps ahead of you, far enough to keep your footing sure…Likewise as the Lord lights your path, He may not shine all the answers to the shadowy questions in your mind, but He will give you all the light you need to scale life’s obstacles with confidence & faith…Gud am. God bless po.” — The Lord will give you what you need at the right time. You can only see as far as He will let you.

3. “May isang chick na super ganda. As in heart throb pretty girlfriend material na mahilig magkuwento ng bitin. Tapos nung” — This really made me

4. “God is working in more ways dan we ask Him. He’s doin more tings 4 us dan r faith can imagine! He makes ol tings beautiful. Tayo pa lng… evidence na! =)” – How can you argue with that?

So, smile and God bless.

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