Is This Job for You?

No one accepts a job offer just to leave a company after a few days, weeks, or months. Assuming that the individuals involved are rationale beings, people join a company as they think that there is a chance for them to grow and prosper with that firm.

Unfortunately, it happens that an individual and a job may not match perfectly. It is not uncommon for us to come across people who may not be really happy with what they do but need to stay on due to numerous considerations.

Still, there comes a point when it may be necessary to just really leave a job whether one has an alternative or not. How do you know if it is still worth staying on in a particular job? It may be time to move on if you notice the following:

1. You start getting sick. – When you get sick quite often, that may be an indication of stress. You may start getting palpitations, migraines and you may even start to vomit — just thinking of the work that you need to do. Some people who have reached this point may go see a doctor and the doctor may not find anything physiologically wrong with them.

2. You start dreading Mondays. – Fridays, after work, is the happiest time for you and starting Sunday afternoon, you feel sad about going back to the office the next day. You may be so stressed at the office that you cannot leave your concerns there. Leaving or walking out of the office may be the happiest thing that you could do in your view.

3. You feel depressed. – You generally feel unhappy. You may also do what you don’t normally do — like eat unhealthy food, stop exercising, or just not want to do anything. Depression can have a way of paralyzing people that you may refuse to do anything productive. Sleep or just staring blankly into space may be your best refuge.

4. You are not turning into a better person. – Work is supposed to help an individual grow through new learnings and improved self-esteem. If you feel that your good qualities are not being enhanced nor your weaknesses being addressed or eliminated, then it may be time to move on to another work environment which may improve you better as an individual.

So, are you unhappy with your present work situation? Ask yourself how you feel and make a choice. Finances of course are important but of what use is money if you are unhealthy and unhappy?

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