What Do You Sell?

“…But I’m not the type to go into sales…” How many times have you heard that line from a relative or a friend? I used to think that way too. By sales, we imagine men knocking on our doors, calling us on the phone, and pushing and shoving their products and services into our faces.

Well, I don’t think that way anymore. Over the years, I have realized that everyone survives by selling something. You cannot get by, in this world, without selling something. You may think of sales as selling a tangible product or a service but what about when you go for an interview with a prospective employer? You are selling your skills and your experience. What about when you get into an argument or discussion with family members and friends? You are selling your ideas or opinions. You may not always get money for something that you are selling but you still had to have another party accept what you were saying.

Even employees (those who are not entrepreneurs) sell their time and talent to their employers who then give them a bit of treasure. Writers sell their articles or their words in return for payment so they’re into selling too.

Over time, I’ve sold concepts and ideas to my students; credit rating services to corporations; and my thoughts and opinions through my websites and blogs.

So, do you still think you are not cut out for a selling job? What have you sold in your lifetime?

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